My Name is Tom - performance score with soundtrack

 My Name is Tom is a performance work with dual tape, narrator/singer and placards first performed in the Poetry Society London at a festival directed by Bob Cobbing in 1975. The work consists of a dual recording lasting 8 minutes and 54 seconds  accompanied by TL reading extracts from authors and singing, or holding up placard sequences.

The retrospective descriptive score here was written up in 1978 and published in London by Laurence Upton's Good Elf Press.  The pages are presented here as a slideshow with the taperecording's soundtrack accompaniment. To see it properly the window as with other embedded YouTube videos on this site, should be clicked bottom right to give full screen viewing.

The works used in the peformance include the song Kathleen Mavourneen, Johns's Biggles Flies South, Milton's Paradise Lost, and Sapir's Culture Language and Personality. Sett'erday Sanny was a character standing on a football terracing in a weekly cartoon in the Glasgow Weekly News.





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