poem - the case for lower case



lower case posits in-the-presence-of

lower case is presence

lower case is company


lower case can jump from one proposition to another

                                                                                                across the page


lower case does not spurn its friends in the typesetting office

lower case may yet lean on a semi-colon for breath; on its way up the stairs


lower case listens to the voice of the people

lower case is not Edict

lower case is the kinesis of democracy


CAPITAL is stasis

Capital is closure of the business in hand

CAPITAL is the cumulation of reified density

CAPITAL has no being at its centre

CAPITAL is without breath


the CAPITALIST SENTENCE begins by setting out its Stall

the CAPITALIST SENTENCE has the subject as line-manager of the verb

the CAPITALIST SENTENCE has no room in which to move

at the end of a CAPITALIST SENTENCE the world comes to a full stop.




lower case gives you space to live

lower case makes peace with the living 

lower case does not hide behind the toga of the Roman Empire

lower case is the swish of the skirt



always here

as natural as breathing


lower space…..lower space,…. lower space……lower space    








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